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Flowers. How did I get into them? Well, I kind of fell into them! A lovely concept isn’t it? falling into flowers! However, I can assure you that whilst my job comes with a wealth of highs, there have also been many lows.

For me, flowers are a language, an expression of feeling and it is always an honour for me to be asked to part a part of people’s lives in such a personal way.

Flowers say every emotion and travel through every stage of a person’s lifetime. This is where the highs and lows come into play. Flowers for a new baby; exams; new jobs; new homes; engagements; weddings; birthdays; anniversaries; congratulations; sympathies and final farewells.

Daily Flur was born from a notion of protecting the planet along with my passion to deliver exceptional designs, quality flowers at an affordable price for all. To simply floristry, with the aim of putting the fun back into it!

Following an educational talk by my 13-year-old daughter, we decided we would use Bees as our focus, our drive. Without them, we simply wouldn’t be here.

Of all the flowers I love, the Peony is my favourite.  It holds a special place in my heart!  My “Grumps” grew beautiful peonies in his garden. When I moved from Stoke-on-Trent to Scotland at the tender age of 19, he split the root of his pride and joy and sent half with me!

It flourished in my garden for many years until we sadly lost my Grumps, the peonies later followed with him.

Beautiful freshly delivered flowers. What more could you ask for!

Laura Crawford

Beautiful bouquet bought as a gift. I went for the “Big Bee” and they did not disappoint. Quick and seamless service. Highly recommend!

Kirsty Robertson


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